May 2016 President’s Message – Jim Adamovich:

I would like to thank everyone who helped in any way to make our fund raiser a success. The weather wasn't the best, but we still had 259 shooters for the sporting clays with forty of them shooting twice. We had a lot of fun, many prizes and good food. We hope to see everyone back for next year’s fund raiser scheduled for April 1, 2017.

Please also note that the Annual Membership and Awards Banquet is scheduled for July 30, 2016 at Romy's Nightingale in Black Creek. Your letter will be coming in the mail with the persons running for the board. It will include information on how to RSVP, the exact time for the annual meeting and how the voting will be held.

If you would like to donated any raffle prizes, please call Rita or Karen. If you don't receive a letter with all the information by July 8th, 2016 please call Rita @ 920-722-2090 or Karen @ 920-766-9218

Board of Directors—Chuck Duffeck: We Need You on the BOD

The Board is looking for members to become directors. As a continued effort to serve its membership, we are looking for former, current, and new members to serve on the Board. No prior experience is required, just your wanted input and guidance. Since 1998, CTO has seen tremendous growth in membership and activities. To remain a vibrant and member-driven organization, CTO needs you to consider serving on the Board of Directors.

The Board Development Committee is seeking nominations to fill seven Director positions. A CTO Director is a current and good standing member of the organization. Directors will attend monthly board meetings and carry out assigned committee responsibilities. Directors understand the need to balance recreational desires and needs of people with physical disabilities along with the realities of managing a non-profit organization. MOST IMPORTANTLY, CTO Directors are people with a positive attitude, are objective decision-makers, and enjoy helping others succeed in CTO activities.

The need for its membership to participate in the daily activities does not end there. We are also looking for the membership to help on the individual committees. To volunteer on a committee does not require you to attend the monthly BOD meetings. You need to have a sincere desire to serve the membership and lead at the event. If you would like to make an event (Deer, Duck, Turkey hunts Football, Hockey or Baseball events) better, please sign up to be a leader on the various committees. WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this organization better than what it is now. The BOD is constantly looking for ways to improve, and we cannot do it without your input.

To nominate yourself, or to nominate another member, contact Chuck Duffeck at 920-378-3519, or by e-mail All nominees must provide a brief summary of why they would like to serve on the Board to Chuck prior to July 3, 2015. Board 2016 elections take place at the Annual Meeting Banquet.

3-D Archery Shoot at R & B Archery Recap—Brian Hess:

The weather was chilly outside but inside, it was nice and warm! We had a lot of fun at CTO's 3-D Archery shoot at R& B Archery in Black Creek last month. Brian at R & B Archery had a great set up with multiple 3-D animal targets and cardboard targets to get you sighted in from all different distances. CTO picked up the tab for one round of 20 different targets at varying distances. We also had a competitive short course shoot for a small prize. The competition was close but Tony Gehr won the short course for the standing position and Kaley Wockenfus won the short course for best wheelchair shooter. We also set up a trick shot where there is a ping pong ball floating in the air from a blower. A few people came close, but only one person was able to shoot the ball out of thin air, it was pretty cool. It was a great day to sit and talk with friends and get in some practice. I want to thank all of the volunteers that came out to make the shoot possible.

New Shooting Policy – Jim Adamovich:

A new shooting policy has been put in place to allow a maximum financial assistance per CTO member of $150 per budget year, regardless of whether the CTO member chooses to shoot as an individual or as part of a team (whether or not that team is sponsored by CTO). To qualify for this assistance, you must have been a CTO member in good standing for at least one year, or have received prior authorization from the CTO Board of Directors.

This policy covers, but is not limited to, archery, trap, sporting clays, skeet, rifle, and pistol shooting.

Financial assistance shall cover ammunition, weekly shooting fees, arrows, etc.

All requests for assistance must be submitted to, and be approved by, the Shooting Committee. However, it is also recommended that any member applying for financial assistance for shooting should only ask for what they need, not the full amount.

Challenge The Outdoors, Inc. –Request for Financial Assistance

Complete this form and mail to: James Adamovich, 319 Thomas Court, Neenah, WI 54956

Name (Print): ____________________________________________________________________________

Financial Needs:


Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________

Receipts Received_________________________________________Date:________________

Fishing/Shawano Lake—Fred Kaun:

The Annual Fishing on Shawano Lake event is June 4th, starting at 8:00 a.m. Please call Jim Adamovich at 920-722-2090 to let him know if you will be attending. Remember, if you attend, please bring a dish to pass. The Fishery Registration Application MUST be filled out and sent in or you won’t be able to go fishing.

SailAnyWay and Accessible Wood Workshops of Door County OPEN HOUSE June 17th—Brian Hess:

Ever wanted to feel the wind in your hair and the exhilaration of the open sea but thought it was impossible due to your disabilities? Now with SailAnyWay (SAW) your disabilities will no longer stand in your way. SAW is a non-profit organization dedicated to allowing people with disabilities have the opportunity to go out and sail a boat (not just take a ride) but be captain, steer and give orders. SAW is inviting CTO members, and their families, to join them at the marina in Egg Harbor, WI on Friday, June 17th from 11am-2pm for a "COME CHECK US OUT" day. We will be showing off our boats with our custom conversions that make sailing accessible to everyone. We also have a lift to help people in and out the boat. So please grab your family and make sure you take a ride up and "CHECK US OUT"! Everybody's needs are a little different, so this is a great opportunity to let us know what your needs are so we can get you sailing! PLEASE RSVP so we can plan our day and get as many sailors out on the water as possible. To make your reservation contact, Brian Hess at or 920-680-7954. To find us, just follow the signs by the marina!

But that's not all, while you are in Egg Harbor we also have an OPEN HOUSE at the very first ACCESSIBLE WOODWORKING SHOP in Egg Harbor, WI. We would like to give CTO members and their families, the opportunity to get a sneak peek at this new and unique event for woodworking enthusiasts of all abilities. We will be hosting live and interactive demonstrations from 11am-2pm on June 17th. Please you’re your RSVP to Brian Hess at or 920-680-7954. To find the Woodworking shop, follow the signs from the marina. We look forward to seeing you all there! There website is

Lake Michigan Fishing –Chuck Duffeck:

The Lake Michigan Fishing event is on for June 25th at Two Rivers and Algoma WI.

If any CTO members would like to attend this event, please call Chuck Duffeck at 920-378-3519 or by E-mail at to make your reservation. This will be s a “first come, first on board event” with your reservation.

The Two Rivers event will be a Morning Charter, and all fisherpersons will need to be on board by 4:30 AM!

The Algoma trip is the afternoon charter and fisherpersons will have to be on site by 12:00 pm!

A CTO member may only sign up for one of these two trips. Please hurry to make your reservations count.

Annual Awards Program–Peter Lathrop:

The 10th Annual Awards will be given out at the 2016 CTO annual banquet in the summer. Time frame to submit an entry for an award is from July 1, 2015 thru June 30, 2016.

Procedures, Rules and Details:

All the categories (Except Volunteer of the Year Able-bodied) entrants must have been a CTO DISABLED member before submitting an entry. The definition of a disabled member should meet at least 1 of the following requirements:

1. Have a Class A, B, or C hunting permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

2. Have a disabled fishing license from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

3. Other individuals can become qualified on a case-by-case basis. Contact Awards Administrator if you are not sure your disability qualifies.

The CTO Board of Directors shall appoint a CTO member as “Awards Administrator”. In this capacity, this person will oversee tiebreakers, choose award winners in the “Honor” categories and otherwise administer this program.

A CTO disabled member can only win 1 of the hunting, fishing, or shooting categories in any one year. Enter as many categories as possible so you have a better chance at winning.

A CTO disabled member can only win a Biggest Challenge Overcome Outside Award and a Deep Doo-doo Award twice, and Volunteer of the Year Award once for the life of this Awards Program.

A CTO able-bodied member can only win a Volunteer of the Year Award once for the life of this Awards Program.

Winners in these Honor categories might have their stories and photos published on our website and other publicity tools as are feasible. The winners might be notified of their Honors a few days before the banquet so they can prepare a brief presentation to the banquet attendees. The reason for this is to strive to show the group what a “real” winner does to gain such high recognition and provide inspiration for others to reach for similar achievements.

Volunteers and others will be encouraged to remind or make entries for disabled members with or without the member’s knowledge. For example, boat captains on the Shawano Lake fishery will be advised to measure fish that might be award eligible.

All of the award winners in the categories below will receive a gift card for Walmart and a certificate for display. Here are the categories:

Biggest Challenge Overcome Outside: One year, a CTO member overcame his quadriplegia to hunt turkeys on his own. He set and reset his blind to get the best spot; he got in the blind and set up and after several exciting close calls was able to bag a turkey. Try and top that one to win. A person can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. Past Winners include Mark Baehr 2007, Steve Lang 2008 & 2012, & James Luedke 2008. Award = $75 gift card.

Deep Doo-doo Award: For the CTO member who takes the biggest challenge in the outdoors while getting in a difficult situation. One winner was a wheelchair user who dropped a goose in a muddy cornfield and after his able bodied buddy could not find the goose, he crawled through the mud to find it himself. While the mud got washed off in a hot shower, the glow of the satisfaction of his achievement will last lots longer. So, get out there and expand your limits. A person can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. Past Winners include Steve Lang 2007 & 2009, Roger Mateer 2011, Keith A. Pamperin 2014, & Lauri Dubord 2015. Award =$25 gift card.

Volunteer of the Year Able-bodied: For the CTO member who best embodies the spirit of giving to help others enjoy the outdoors. A person must be nominated by someone else. Past Winners include Bill Mayville, Larry Zander, Karen Baehr, Rod Barkhaus, Tony Gehr, Gary Thyes, Carl Gierke, Rita Adamovich, & Jane Day. Award =$100 gift card.

Volunteer of the Year Disabled: For the CTO member who best embodies the spirit of giving to help others enjoy the outdoors. A person must be nominated by someone else. Past winners include Jean Chapman, Judy Paluch, Toby Malchow, Larry Laehn, Mark Baehr, Peter Lathrop, Cliff Pheifer, Steve Harvey, & Bob Day. Award =$100 gift card.

Longest fish, by the following species. During a CTO event or on your own: (length in inches) No photograph required, but it would be nice. Great Lake/Green Bay Trout or Salmon, Inland Trout, Walleye, Musky, Northern, Perch, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, White Bass, Catfish, Whitefish, & Rough Fish (Bullhead, Carp, Dogfish, Sheepshead, etc.). There will be one winner for the longest rough fish of all of the rough fish species. Award = $15 gift card for the longest fish in each species.

Chasing Rainbows Longest Trout at Both Events: (length in inches) No photograph required. There will be one award for each of the Chasing Rainbows events. Award = $15 gift card.

Biggest Whitetail Buck harvested during a CTO event or on your own: Number of Points longer than one-inch x maximum inside spread in inches. No photograph required, but it would be nice. In case of ties or near ties, antlers will be re-examined in more detail by CTO Award Administrator. Award = $25 gift card.

Biggest Tom Turkey harvested during a CTO event or on your own: Length in inches of spurs and beards. No photograph required, but it would be nice. Award = $25 gift card.

Top score for Disabled Shooter at the J&H Sporting Clays Fund Raiser: Bust the most clay pigeons and win. Top score = 50. Award = $25 gift card.

Top overall Trap Shooter: Top 3 rounds times the distance for the year. Top score would be a score of 25 times the maximum yardage of 27 yards’ times 3 = 2,025. Award = $25 gift card.

Top overall Skeet Shooter: Top three rounds for the year. Top score would be a score of 25 times 3 = 75.

Award = $25 gift card.

Top overall Sporting Clays Shooter: Top three rounds for the year not including the J&H Sporting Clay Fund Raiser. Top score would be a score of 50 times 3 = 150. Award = $25 gift card

Send entries to the award categories to Award Administrator Peter Lathrop, either at or E9649 Pine Tree Lane, New London, WI 54961. Phone 920-982-4288. Feel free to ask questions.

14th Annual Membership and Awards Banquet—Rita Adamovich

When: July 30, 2016

Where: Romy’s Nightingale, Black Creek on A

This is CTO’s yearly membership meeting, and the election of Board of Director members. It is a time to recognize and thank our volunteers and supporters. An invite with full details of the meeting will be mailed by the first week of July.

If a member has an item they would like to donate for the Bucket Raffle, please contact Rita Adamovich at 920-722-2090 or Karen Baehr at 920-766-9218. We hope to see you there!

Timber Rattlers (Brewers affiliate) vs. Kane County Cougars (Diamondbacks affiliate)—Peter Lathrop:

When: Saturday, August 6

Time: Meet outside the stadium by 4:30 p.m.

Where: Fox Cities Stadium, 2400 N. Casaloma, Appleton, WI

BASEBALL, FOOD, FIREWORKS AND FUN! We will be eating in the 1st base picnic pavilion again this year. The Rattlers staff will setup tables that are accessible for people in wheelchairs or scooters. Admission includes 6 game ticket and an all-you-can-eat picnic (BBQ Grilled Chicken Breast, BBQ Pulled Pork, Hot Dogs, Pasta Salad,

Dessert, etc.) along with two beverages. The picnic will be served at 5:00 p.m. and will last until game time at 6:30 p.m. The picnic will happen rain or shine. Weather permitting, there will be fireworks after the game.

This event is open to all members. Guests are welcome, but will be responsible for buying their own tickets.

Tickets cost $23.00 for adults/$19.00 for children 10 & under. The $5 parking fee is also your responsibility. The deadline to reserve your ticket(s) is July 21st, so reserve your ticket(s) ASAP or you may miss out on a fun event! To reserve a ticket(s) contact Peter Lathrop or Carl Gierke. Also, if you need a ride to this event please tell Peter or Carl and they will try to find a ride for you.

Peter: (920) 982-4288 or e-mail; Carl: (920) 986-3272

October Special Disabled Deer Hunt—Pat Nieuwenhuis:

Hello Everyone: This is just a reminder that this year’s hunt will begin on October 1st and ends on October 9th.

Sign up for the deer hunt starts on July 1 and ends on August 30th. Please watch for your next CTO Newsletter for the upcoming information and the exact times. If you have any other questions, please contact Pat Nieuwenhuis at 920-687-8707.