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Hi everyone! Spring is already in the air and its time to think about getting outside a little more and enjoying the great outdoor opportunities Wisconsin and Challenge the Outdoors have to offer. There’s a lot coming up this year, so check out the events calendar and see what fits your social calendar and interests.

We’ve got most of the traditional events on the calendar and have even added a few. Tom Narmore had a group of ice fishermen out on Green Bay fishing for whitefish recently and had good success. This is CTO’s first attempt at this, but it seems like everyone had a good time and it’s something we’ll probably look at doing again. As I mentioned last time, Tammy Kritz will be coordinating a family picnic at Menominee Park in Oshkosh on June 16th.

It’s also that time of the year to start thinking about CTO’s annual Sporting Clay Shoot. This year’s shoot is on Saturday, April 7th at J&H Game Farm near Navarino. This is our 20th annual and is our main fundraiser for the year. The event is always a lot of fun, but it’s also a little bit of work. So if you can help in any way, it’s certainly appreciated. Thanks to everyone that’s helped make past shoots a success and we hope to see you again this year.

As always, thanks to everyone that pitches in to make this such a wonderful organization. Your contributions, big and small, are all noticed and appreciated. We couldn’t do it without the help of a lot of talented, caring people that enjoy giving back to others. Keep up the good work!



CTO’s 20th annual fundraiser will again be held at J&H Game Farm west of Navarino on April 7th. This is a great opportunity for you to pitch in to help CTO grow and fund the events you take part in throughout the year. There are many ways you can help. You can sell raffle tickets, collect donations for raffle prizes, put up posters in your favorite hang-out or watering hole to advertise the event, spread the word among your friends to come out and shoot, or help the day of the event. On the day of the event there are many duties to take care of, so if you have time we’ll find something you can help with. A lot of little things can help to make this event a big success!

In the past we sent out raffle tickets through the mail, but postal regulations no longer allow that. Tickets were distributed at the Holiday Party on February 17th, but if you missed out on that and would like to get some, please call one of the Fundraiser Committee members and we’ll get you some. The Fundraiser Committee consists of Rita and Jim Adamovich, Barb and Fred Kaun, Karen Baehr, Tammy Kritz, and myself. I’d like to thank them up front for all their hard work! Remember, if you want to pitch in to help, please contact someone on the committee to let us know what you’d like to help with. It helps our great cause and you might even have a little fun in the process! We must be doing something right for this event to continue for 20 years, but we’re always looking for ways to make it better. If you have ideas, please let us know.



On Sunday April 15th, CTO members are invited to attend the Blizzard football game at 3PM at the Resch Center in Green Bay. You will be provided a ticket and a $5 food voucher to use at the game. It is $2 hotdog and soda day. You will be responsible for paying for your own parking. Tickets must be ordered by calling Steve Harvey at 920-494-3143 or Sharon LeFevre at 920-615-2356. The deadline for ordering tickets is Wednesday, April 4th. Tickets will be given out by Steve Harvey the day of the game in the lobby of the Resch Center between 2 and 3PM.


Saturday, April 7, 2018

8:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.


Sponsored by:  J&H Game Farm – Hunt Club, Inc.

HWY 156 - 2 miles West of Navarino

Brats & Kraut, Hot Dogs, Sloppy Joe’s, Baked Beans, and Chips

Lunch included with your round of Sporting Clays

Served from 10A.M. – 2:30 P.M.

$25 for 50 Targets – Shoot again for $15 – Shooting ends: 3:00 P.M.

2 COURSES                                                                      6 LEWIS CLASS PRIZES
Eye & Hearing protection recommended


SMITH & WESSON .40 cal. Pistol: Damn Yankees Watering Hole, Hortonville

MOSSBERG Patriot 30-06 w/scope: Colwitz BP, Shiocton

THOMPSON CENTER .50 cal. Muzzleloader: Shiocton Business League

MOSSBERG Patriot .243 w/scope: Wolf River Asphalt, Shiocton

SAVAGE Axis 6.5 Creedmoor w/scope: Shadows on the Wolf, Shiocton

TRADITIONS .50 cal. Muzzleloader: Northside Planing Mill, New London

WEATHERBY PA/08 12 ga. Pump Shotgun: Shiocton Sportsman Club

EAA/BAIKAL 12 ga. Pump Shotgun: Dan & Tammy Kritz

4 Person/5 hr. Salmon/Trout Fishing Charter, Fishkewaunee.com Charters

4 Person Lake Michigan Charter Fishing Trip, Toy Box Charters, Roger Meyers

Two Person Log Frame Swing:  Mike & Gordon Shulze, CTO Supporters

One Night Stay:  Country Inn & Suites, Little Chute

3 rods & reels from each:  Grand Chute & Seymour Lions Clubs

3 rods & reels from each:  Black Creek & Shiocton Lions Clubs


TICKETS – 1 for $5 / 3 for $10 / 10 for $20, Tickets available at the Fundraiser

NOTE:  Credit or Debit cards NOT accepted

Web: www.CTOforME.org -- Follow us on Facebook -- e-mail: CTOforME@yahoo.com – Phone: 920.593.6300



This is my second year of being in charge of the newsletter for CTO. Please feel free to let me know of any issues that you or other members may be experiencing with the newsletter. One concern I have heard is that because we sometimes include a membership application in our newsletter, members get the impression that their membership is not up to date. This is not true, the reason for the membership application in our newsletter is for you to pass it along to someone you may know that would like to join CTO. I hope this clarifies any misconception. You may reach me at 920-740-2775. Thanks


NEW MEMBER- Please welcome Sharon LeFevre as a new member of CTO.




We had 19 members attend the Green Bay Gambler’s hockey game. Even though the Gamblers lost a close match by a score of 3-2, there was plenty of fan support from CTO. Steve Harvey and Sharon LeFerve would like to thank all members in attendance for a fun night.


On 02/11/18 six CTO members met JJ's Guide Service at the Pottawatomie State Park boat landing at 8 am for a fun-filled day of ice fishing. The weather was nice and sunny with a little wind. JJ took us out about 3 1/2 miles from shore out to a reef where we started fishing in about 75 feet of water using a jig and a half of a minnow. We had our first fish on the ice within the first 10 minutes. Fishing was steady all day. The whitefish didn’t hit hard so you just really needed to pay attention in order to catch them. The daily bag limit for white fish is 10 and we were able to have a six-man limit within five hours.  Most of the fish were over 15” with a couple in the 20" range. All in all, it was an exceptional day of ice fishing for everyone. On behalf of everyone who was able to attend, I would like to thank JJ's Guide Service and his workers for making the 1st CTO ice fishing event in a really long time a great success! 

Scoping The Great Outdoors- Bob Schuh


I was lucky enough this year to get drawn for a mule deer tag through Wyoming Disabled Hunters. On Saturday, Oct. 28 Mary and I headed west toward Wyoming, doing some sightseeing as we went as I first had to be there on Monday, Oct. 30. On Tuesday the 31 we had a practice day with our guides to make sure all equipment was in good working condition and hitting the mark. Vince McCollam was my guide and it was a perfect fit as Vince has a cousin that is also blind so he was in the know on how to sight a blind hunter. Wednesday, Nov. 1 was the start of the hunt, so Vince and I headed to the ranch in the Heart Mountain region near Cody, Wyoming where we would be hunting. On the way in the mule deer were all over the road, so we went in to meet the rancher, Jim Ownbey and his wife, Dianne. Dianne immediately offered us coffee, tea, or anything else that we wanted complete with nine containers full of cookies, bars, and treats of all sorts. Jim and Dianne told me they were watching a buck for me and he shows up every day from the corn field. The blind was 250 yards from the ranch house, but lots of deer were between us and the blind so we set up on the lawn. At daybreak the buck showed with six or more doe and I had my gun leveled on him, just waiting for the does to clear. Just then a doe walked in front of him and they went down the draw out of sight. Vince and Jim glassed the field all morning watching for the antlers when the buck put his head up. Around noon the buck must have been bedded down, so Vince and I went to the Heart Mountain Nature Conservancy where the hunters were gathered for lunch. When we arrived back at the ranch, Jim said the buck stood several times but remained in the corn field. If we could only get to the blind, I would have a short 50 yard shot, but that was not going to happen with all the does moving about. They estimated about 40 deer in the 16-acre corn field with about five bucks, including the one I was after. With no way to get to the blind without blowing the whole herd out of the area, we watched from the house. At 5 p.m. some deer started moving closer to the edge of the corn and Vince said let’s go out and set up. Just outside of the ranch house door we set the stool and bi-pod and I got my Savage 30.06 ready. A minute or so later the buck cleared the corn and I had the crosshair on him. Vince made sure I was totally comfortable and ready as this was a 175 yard shot. With some final tweaking Vince gave me the signal and the lead was in flight taking out both lungs. The buck made a 50 yard bolt only to fall and tumble end for end from the momentum. Vince yelled he’s down as the door flew open and Jim and Dianne came out to congratulate me on the shot. The mule deer was a ten point (5 by 5 western count) and had a 16 inch inside spread. What a great adventure and hunt with a great group of people that make this hunt possible for disabled hunters. See all of their hunts at wyomingdisabledhunters.org or check them out on Facebook. (Caption for photo) Bob Schuh shows his ten point (5 by 5 western count) mule deer that he shot with the help of his guide, Vince McCollam of Wyoming Disabled Hunters. The buck had a 16 inch inside spread and was taken in the Heart Mountain region, near Cody, Wyoming.


This event, which is scheduled for Sunday, March 4, 2017, starting at 8AM has become a very popular event. Some of the things we will be coordinating include ordering pheasants, dogs and handlers, machine operators, back-up shooters, cleaners and baggers. In addition, expect great food and a chance to get acquainted with other CTO members and listen to plenty of their stories. Each disabled hunter will be allowed two pheasants. If you don’t have your own gun, there will be guns available at J & H Game Farm for your use. John Kempen has donated 12 and 20-gauge shotgun shells. You should wear orange colored clothing and have proper eye protection. Each hunter is welcome to bring family members or a friend to assist them, but pheasants are provided only for disabled CTO members. Food is being made by J & H, which is always delicious. Don’t forget to sign up by March 1st,2018 if you are going to be part of this hunt. Contact information is: Jim Adamovich E-mail: jimrita0208@yahoo.com or call Jim at 920-722-2090.


1. The new brochures look wonderful thanks to Annie and Carl. They will be handed out at the Holiday Party February 17.

2. The Timber Rattlers Game will be Saturday, August 18, 2018. Carl Gierke is Chair of this Event.

3. We received a Donation from Da Vita of Green Bay of $ 1,300.00 this year.

4. The New Facebook Page is “CTO-Challenge The Outdoors, Inc.” Thank you so much Sharon LeFevre and Steve Harvey for taking this over.

5. Treasurer position has brought little interest from qualified members. So, we have reached out to James Nooyen from Home Instead, to see if someone there would be able to help us out.



This coming May of 2018, Challenge the Outdoors is teaming up with Shadows on the Wolf for a spring turkey hunt for our disabled members. We are able to take approximately ten hunters and the hunt will be from May 18th through May 20st. Lodging for the hunt will be provided at the Christus Memorial Camp located just outside of Clintonville. Food will also be provided throughout the hunt; however, we will be doing a potluck dinner on Friday evening. Since we are limited on the number of participants we can accept, we will be giving preference to those who have never turkey hunted and to those who have not harvested a turkey. If you have forgotten to send in for your spring turkey permit application, you can still purchase one over the counter sometime near the end of March 2018. Make sure you obtain a tag for Zone 3 period E if you would like to participate in the hunt. Please contact Tom Narmore by email  narmore1988@yahoo.com or call at (920) 410-4436. (Please leave a message) By April 30, 2018. Thank you.