Shooting Policy

Originally Effective January 1, 2018


1.      Purpose

To allow All Disabled Members the opportunity to shoot according to their abilities with a
Sporting Gun Club Membership.


2.      Scope

a.      A new Shooting Policy has been put into place to allow a Disabled CTO Member a maximum of $50.00 a year for Sporting Gun Club Memberships.


b.   To qualify for this, you must be a Paid, Disabled Member for at least One year and be in good standing by Volunteering whenever and wherever possible at events held by CTO.
Please attach a list of Events that you have volunteered for in the last year.


c.   Disabled members must provide a PAID receipt for the Sporting Gun Club Membership.


d.      This policy encourages All Disabled Members to help the organization through Volunteering.


        Complete This Form and Send to:    Jim Adamovich

                                                                  319 Thomas Court

                                                                  Neenah, WI. 54956


         Amount Requested: $_____ . _____


         Print Name: _____________________________________________


         Signature: _______________________________________________


         Receipt Received: __________________


         Date: ______ / _______ / _______


         Approved By: ____________________________________________




Revised: 11/14/2017

Revised: 2019/07/23