Welcome to Challenge the Outdoors!


We are a non-profit organization that offers events and services to the disabled sportsperson and their friends families. Based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin, CTO serves the Northeast Wisconsin area.


Dedicated to serving the recreational needs and desires of the physically challenged sportsperson

Challenge the Outdoors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are focused on providing activities for the disabled in the state of Wisconsin.


How Our Organization Began

Challenge the Outdoors, Inc. was founded in October 1998 by a group of outdoor sportspersons of whom most were physically challenged.

Our founding members all shared a common bond with over 1 million Wisconsinites being active outdoors, and it was important for the group to find a way to help with the mental and physical well-being of all involved, hence the group was born.


Our Mission and goals

To enable physically challenged sportspersons to participate in hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreational activities.

To promote hunting and fishing opportunities for the physically challenged persons and increase their abilities to go many new places in our beautiful outdoors.

To emphasize the abilities of physically challenged persons and network with organizations, state agencies, and the community at large to enhance their quality of life.


All volunteer organization

Our organization is put together of over 100 volunteers. They help build deer blinds for the disabled hunt, cooking for events, assisting individuals while fishing and hunting, driving gators for needed transportation, and many other helpful task to make the events fun for all involved. Volunteers are the backbone that enables us to accomplish our mission.